Why Choose our Product?

Our MyHMS – is an end to end HMS. It serves as Hospital MIS (Management information System) software of all shapes and sizes. Our strength is in both the functionality and user friendly interface of our web based hospital management software or commonly referred as hospital management system.

We have created a strong hospital information management system that handles all key areas keys areas like ADMIN MODULES, DOCTOR MODULE, PATIENT MODULE, NURSE MODULE, RECEPTIONIST MODULE, LABATORATED MODULE, and PHARMASITIST MODULE. We have state-of-art Facility to ensure your data is fully secured and only your staff has access to system.

MyHMS Features

MyHMS Features

Our MyHMS is a complete process of outpatient, inpatient and Inventory that has been maintained in all the hospitals. We make it to help out with ease.

MyHMS Benefits

MyHMS Benefits

Using MyHMS reduces your dependency on particular employees and greatly increases the ROI. It has the best in class security is assured with updates on regularly.

MyHMS Modules

MyHMS Modules

Our Modules has Lab, Pharmacy, and Billing & Report. The pharmacy management, lab activities and crucial things of billing will be generated and maintained easily.

Admin Module

Admin Module

  • Admin has full rights in the system
  • Admin creates doctor, nurse, patient and other users
  • Manages complete hospital Operations

Doctor Module

  • Can manage patient data
  • Write prescription to patient
  • Dashboard with appointment calendar
  • Single screen to get patient treatment details
Pharmasist Module

Pharmacists Module

  • Manage medicine with stocks data
  • View patient prescription
  • Manage medicine categories

Reports Module

  • Generate reports to get insight
  • Total bed occupancy report
  • Total operations report
  • Hospital performance report
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Enterprise HMS

Custom Coded HMS

More Features

Admin Can Manage full hospital

Daily Notifications

Accounting system, date-to-date financial reports

Appointments and online scheduling

Doctor, Laboratorist can manage patient, medicine, bed and reports

Pharmacist can manage Medicine. Nurse can manage bed.

Admission Discharge and Transfer

Diagnosis Module